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Guitar Tabs and Lyrics

This is a list of guitar tabs for our songs and songs we're doing cover versions of. At the moment it does look pretty pathetic as we don't have many, but as we make more songs and get the tabs for others it should look a lot better!


The lyrics below were written by a friend of ours. He spends his life in a wheelchair and one day just wanted write about how he felt.

Unfortunalty we haven't got any music for this yet. But if you are a musician and you can think of some lyrics. Please do e-mail us.

We ask that with copyright legalitites in mind. You do not copy the lyrics withouth us knowing and do not use them in any public place or performance.


Written by Daniel a handicapped child

I have a few questions to ask
So I've put them in a poem
While you read, you should listen;
A question: Have you met me before?

Why oh, why must I live here?
Why do I have brown hair?
Why are my teeth off centre?
And why would any one care?

Why oh, why am I a boy?
Why am I called Daniel?
Why do I have two parents?
And why do they always care?

Why oh why cant I write neat?
Why do I have a funny accent?
Why do I sit chairbound all day?
And why cant I fly in the air?

Why oh why cant I hear things?
Why cant I walk or run?
Why dont I have many friends?
And why isnt life any fun?

Why oh why do other have four limbs?
Why do they shout and play?
Why are they always so happy?
And why does this happen every day?

Why oh why am I handicapped?
Why do others call me names?
Why do they treat me like dirt?
And why will I never be the same?

If I could change my life around
Id let others be handicapped instead
Then I could walk, jump, and run about
Until I have to go to bed.

E-mail Daniel

Below is the music for one of our songs.

Unfortunatly we haven't confirmed any lyrics with this song. Click to play it

Click here do Download song 1

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