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The Members of Suburb!

The Rhythm Section

The rhythm section (or the drums and the bass) are the core of the band. Firstly on the drums is Fred, famed within the band for his 'mental fits' on the drums, which can be heard as drum fills in the songs.
On the bass is Kick, new to the music world he's played for less than a year, but has got to grips with the Suburb basslines with no difficulty at all!


The keyboard helps, along with the guitars to keep the flow of the music going and adds extra depth to the sound of songs.
The keyboard player for Suburb is Casey, the second newest member of the band is doing a great job of playing the keyboard. As the only female member of the group, she fits in well.

The Guitars and Vocals

The main sound of all rock music is the guitars. Suburb's guitarists are Keith Watkins and Mike, who is the newest member of the band.
The band are currently looking for a vocalist, if you would like to know more about this go to the news section.


The Big Info!